Hyannis Bankruptcy Attorney Helps Clients Achieve Financial Relief

Accomplished Massachusetts lawyer works to relieve debt burdens

Overwhelming debt often feels impossible to overcome. At The Law Office of Jason Paul White, our attorney represents clients in Hyannis and throughout Southeastern Massachusetts in bankruptcy proceedings and other debt relief matters. Our firm understands the negative impact of high amounts of debt and works to find the right solution for your situation. Whether you want to wipe out medical bills, create a payment plan to avoid foreclosure or explore debt relief alternatives, our attorney will examine your case and fully explain the best options to get a fresh financial start.

Experienced law firm assists with debt discharge through Chapter 7 bankruptcy

Chapter 7 bankruptcy is often preferred because the process is relatively fast, and nonexempt debts are completely wiped out. This type of bankruptcy is a good choice for individuals with limited income and no significant assets who are suffering under the weight of consumer debt, such as obligations from credit cards, medical bills, collection accounts and past due rent. However, not everyone qualifies, so getting legal advice before going forward is important. Our attorney will assess your financial situation and determine whether Chapter 7 bankruptcy is an appropriate choice for you.

Knowledgeable advocate negotiates workable payment plans in Chapter 13 bankruptcy

Chapter 13 bankruptcy allows for the repayment of debts according to a three-to-five-year plan and is typically used by debtors who are earning income and/or those wanting to retain valuable property, particularly those facing foreclosure of their home. The debtor must have steady earnings, and any discretionary income remaining after normal expenses would go to repaying creditors. The amount creditors receive depends upon the type of debt and the debtor’s income. These cases are complex, and our firm will help you successfully navigate the entire process.

Reliable counselor provides thorough debt analysis and effective debt relief options

When you have substantial debt, you may not realize the options available to settle or eliminate it. Bill collectors want you to think you have no rights and must do everything they say, but a knowledgeable attorney can explain your legal rights and obligations and help you find ways to reduce your debt load, including negotiating with creditors to settle for an amount less than owed. Our attorney wants to get you away from the stresses of debt and will identify which relief options best fit your situation.

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